Episode 4 - Blake Emal, CMO at Copy.ai & Creator of Float

June 28, 2021

Blake Emal is the CMO at Copy.ai, a tool that uses AI to write your marketing copy for you. He’s also building Float, which is a tool that helps you make online courses right from Notion. 

I’ve been seeing Blake everywhere and that’s for a good reason.

Blake’s consistently putting out top quality content on twitter, is the CMO of a very fast growing company, and he’s building his own project all at the same time. 

I wanna know what his daily life is like as a marketer. In this episode, we’ll dive deep into Blake’s morning routines, daily and weekly tasks, his set up for working, and how he unwinds on the evenings and weekends. 

Show Notes:

Software & Tools 

Notion: tasks, memos, and meeting notes
SavvyCal: external booking and outreach  
Ahrefs: SEO and content marketing
Superhuman: email management
Bear: note-taking
Google Calendar: meetings

General Recommendations

1. Newsletter: Mailbrew
2. Blog: Backlinko
3. Video: Ali Abdaal, Thomas Frank, & Sarah Dietschy

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