Episode 8 - Eric Keating, VP of Marketing at Appcues

July 23, 2021

Eric Keating is the VP of Marketing of Appcues, which is a product adoption software that makes it really easy to create in-app experiences. They also have tools that help you manage in-app activity and events. We use it and absolutely love it at Wordable for our onboarding flow and our product. 

I'm excited to talk to Eric today about his marketing routines, because he's been a big part of Appcues’ success, including the launch of their Product-Led Growth collective. I’m personally a big fan of all the resources Appcues puts out about onboarding and user experience, and it's really helping us shape the experience we're giving at Wordable. 

So let's get right into this episode and get to know Eric, who's one of the leaders behind these amazing resources. 

Show Notes:

Software & Tools

  1. Remarkable : having notes digitised
  2. Asana: spring planning
  3. Notion: organisation + visibility
  4. Slack: collaboration. +. communication 
  5. Webflow: CMS
  6. Pocket: reading list for articles

Book Recommendations

  1. Positioning - Al Reese
  2. Alchemy - Rory Sutherland
  3. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle - Robbert M. Pirsig
  4. A Walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson

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