Episode 7 - Jay Desai, Founder of Swpely

July 16, 2021

Jay Desai is the Founder of Swpely, which is a tool that helps you save and share modern content (blogs, tweets, videos, posts) and have pretty much everything else stored into one organised place! 

Jay also recently launched a second product called GrowthKit, where you can find tools and resources, which is perfect for startups, small businesses, and soloprenuers. On the side, he hosts his own podcast called the DTC pod, which I strongly recommend if you work in B2B marketing, or for an eCommerce store or DTC brand.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to hearing what Jay, the creator of Swpely, does on a daily basis, and some of his personal favourite tools he uses as a founder and a marketer. 

Show Notes:

Software & Tools

  1. Mixed Panel - monitor user count and activity 
  2. Ahrefs - SEO analysis 
  3. Google Search console: create and chart performance on content  
  4. AirTable: fundraising process 

Favorite Content Creators

  1. Jeremy Moser 
  2. Daniel Murray 
  3. Camila Trent 
  4. Nick Bennett
  5. Chantelle Marcelle 

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