Episode 2 - John Bonini, Director of Marketing at Databox & Creator of Some Good Content

May 5, 2021

John Bonini is the Head of Marketing at Databox, which is an analytics software that you can track all the different metrics your business is using in one place.

He also runs an amazing Patreon community and Facebook community called Some Good Content where he shares his best content marketing tips based on what he does at Databox.

The reason why we wanted to get John on the podcast because he’s leading a successful marketing team at Databox on top of smashing it at his side project Some Good Content. How does he do it all?

In this episode, that’s exactly what we talk about. We want to know the daily habits and routines that John does as a marketer to be where he is today. We cover his regular marketing tasks at Databox and Some Good Content, as well as his favorite books, tools and resources. You'll come away from this episode with great takeaways and some ideas to try out for yourself!

Show Notes:

Software & Tools

Slack: Team communication

Asana: Project management

Databox: Check the numbers, see how they’re trending, outcome metrics, output

Book Recommendations

1. The Business of Belonging - David Spinks 

2. Bigger Than This - Fabian Geyrhalter

3. Influence - Robert Cialdini 

4. How To Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie

5. On Writing Well - William Zinsser

6. Play Bigger - AI Ramadan

7. Scientific Advertising - Claude Hopkins

8. Testing Advertising Methods - John Caples

Podcast Recommendations

1. My First Million 

2. 3 Clips by Jay Acunzo

Listen to the Metrics & Chill podcast by Databox!

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