Episode 9 - Marvin Sanginés, CMO at Insight Consulting

July 31, 2021

Marvin Sanginés is the CMO and partner at Insight Consulting, where he helps entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs build their personal brand on social media.

Marvin took a gap year in 2018, left his hometown in Switzerland and traveled to the U S and Montreal to follow his entrepreneurial dream.  Currently, he’s based in Berlin, where he works remotely half the time. 

I'm really excited to hear what Marvin does on a daily and weekly basis at Insight Consulting, and we'll also cover his favorite tools and resources and learn what he likes to do when he's not working. 

Show Notes:

Software & Tools

  1. Asana: project management 
  2. Slack: communication
  3. Brain.fm: music to improve focus and sleep
  4. Notes (Apple)
  5. Google Calendar

Favorite Content Creators

  1. Dave Gerhardt
  2. Chris Walker

Book Recommendation

Dune - Frank Herbert 

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