Episode 6 - Tim Cameron-Kitchen, CEO at Exposure Ninja

July 9, 2021

Tim Cameron-Kitchen is the Founder and Head Ninja at the award winning digital marketing agency Exposure Ninja. He leads a team of over a 100 specialists from all around the world helping small to medium size businesses with their digital marketing. 

Tim is also the host of The Digital Marketing Podcast by Exposure Ninja and he’s the best selling author of four books, including How to get to the top of Google

In this episode, we’ll learn how Tim gets everything done on a daily and weekly basis, his habits and routines that help him stay productive as both a marketer and an agency owner, and his favourite tools, software and resources that help him keep moving forward.

Take some notes because you might want to try out some of these habits and tools for yourself.

Show Notes:

Software & Tools

Semrush: online visibility and marketing insights 

BuzzSumo: trending topics

StreamYard: stream simultaneously from social channels

Google Docs - mind mapping and brainstorming

Podcast Recommendations

  1. Agency Deal Masters
  2. Business Buying
  3. The High Performance Podcast

Book Recommendation

  1. The Ultimate Sales Letter

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